Brands Acquired
$35 - 200M+
Equity Investment

Every brand is unique – we recognize that each requires a tailored management approach

Our focused strategy, exclusively investing in consumer brands, executed by a team with extensive industry knowledge, guided by operational experts, and led by seasoned and cohesive investment professionals, makes up the principal pillars of our success.

Meet Our Team
Every brand is unique – we recognize that each requires a tailored management approach


We are a complete partner with operational insight and sector expertise. Our investment strategy includes a concentrated approach of partnering with no more than 3-5 portfolio companies per fund. This exclusive partnership allows our team to devote the necessary attention and resources to management teams and brands, working together to identify and execute growth initiatives throughout the lifetime of the investment. Together, driving growth and value creation.


We work closely with management teams to realize each brand’s full potential. Together, we focus on exceptional value creation through data-driven analytics and highly involved operational initiatives to increase brand profitability. Since 2011, Yellow Wood has worked to achieve this across 34 individual brands held by our current and previous portfolio companies.


Our experience has taught us to listen to the consumer – always. Our ongoing analytical approach provides extensive data and deep analyses emphasizing retail consumption, category trends, and quantitative consumer research that is then utilized to develop and execute strategies and initiatives that can positively impact our brands and portfolio companies.

Our Family of Brands


Yellow Wood Partners - Consumer Operating DNA™

The Yellow Wood Partners Consumer Operating DNA strategy combines extensive, deep industry research and analysis pre-investment through exit and investment and operating expertise. The Yellow Wood team employs proprietary data analysis strategies that leverage their consumer experience to find the right brand partners for our firm.

Alongside the investment team, the Yellow Wood Partners Consumer Operating DNA program is made up of a network of distinguished business owners and entrepreneurs, sector specialists, current and former executives, and investment professionals across the consumer industry that are involved with each portfolio company in various capacities from initial screening through exit --- providing real-time insights into market and industry trends, offering strategic guidance throughout deal execution, serving as a sourcing channel, and consulting with management teams to add value through growth initiatives, operational improvements and add-on acquisitions.

Consumer Research + Analytics

Pre-Investment to Exit
  • Consumer purchasing data analysis
  • Emerging category and segment trends
  • Consumption analysis
  • E-Commerce metrics evaluation
  • E-Commerce sales potential
Operational Initiatives Post Investment
  • Productivity improvements
  • Cost Management
  • Pricing optimization
  • Capital efficiency programs
  • Human capital management and recruiting
  • Finance, reporting and budgeting enhancements
  • Packaging and point of sale improvements

We believe when the Yellow Wood Partners Consumer Operating DNA strategy is continually executed and applied together by our investment team, operating partners, and portfolio company management teams, opportunities to drive growth and value for brand partners are enhanced.

Beauty and Personal Care

From bath oils to hair care to fragrance, we help companies understand the nuances of this sector.


Boasting iconic names from the home marketplace, our competive advantages translate into opportunities.

Health and Wellness

We've been bold in this category and understand its treands.

Active Lifestyle

Consumers have flocked to the Active Lifestyle sector looking for brands that will enable their potential

Food and Beverage

From children's drinks to household names, our approach to enable growth is unparalleled.


We understand the category trends happening in this rapidly changing sector.


We've positioned several brands in the category enabling them to grow.

Apparel and Accessories

The attractive sector saw us utilize several smart strategies to overcome complex challenges and build brands.